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Crusell was therefore allotted a place in not only the Swedish, but also the Finnish annals of music history, and given his own chapter in historian. A quartet by Crusell is mentioned in Paris in 1803, and two of its movements were played for the Swedish court, which was currently residing in Karlsruhe. Opera translations Crusell translated ten operas into Swedish for the Kungliga Teatern, an activity for which his linguistic acumen and familiarity with the operatic arts made him eminently qualified. Sorvola, M : Bernhard Henrik Crusell: den första finske frimuraremusikern, 1999. Collected works The following list of instrumental works is more or less complete, but there are a number of sources for vocal music, including but not limited to written music, that have yet to be examined in depth, especially with regards to multipart songs. Hvem klingar först vid det festliga bordet. Crusell was long and widely known as a clarinet soloist and composer of music for clarinet and other wind instruments. In 1809 Finland became a grand duchy under Russia. 6 for clarinets, printed in 1821, was composed dune difficulté progressive with an escalating degree of difficulty.

dedicated to Emperor Alexander I with the permission of the Russian court and very possibly through the mediation of Genseric Brandel, the secretary of the Swedish legation in St Petersburg. Opera translations For more information on the prints, see KMA. The songs to lyrics by Esaias Tegnér enjoyed much popularity in the 19th century and made the poets works accessible to prince and pauper alike. Works for wind soloists and orchestra. 10 in Songs with piano accompaniment. Baritone solo, TTB and piano. While in Berlin, he made the acquaintance of Heinrich Stölzel, who had introduced valves on horns and trumpets and thus extended their register.