The NSA data collection program isn t criminal ; ending Massive NSA Phone Data Collection to Cease, nBC News Our, data, collection, program - The Domestic, surveillance Op-ed: The NSA data collection program isn t criminal; ending. On Sunday, while you were eating the leftovers from Thanksgiving and watching the afternoon s football games, the. National Security Agency stopped acquiring the call data records of millions of Americans. National Security Agency, which ran the massive government data collection program, will retain access to the data it collected before the program was ended. NSA, programs You Should Know About - Open Source The NSA says it will check that database only to test the new program and to conform to court orders in civil cases challenging the program s constitutionality. The NSA muscular program allows us to conveniently conduct large-scale data gathering outside the jurisdiction of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by secretly tapping into the communication links between Google s data centers outside the.S. The Special Source Operations (SSO) group discovered a clever way around Google s security.

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Two weeks after the first leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden were published, President Obama defended the NSA surveillance programs during a visit to Berlin, saying: We know of at least 50 threats that have been averted because of this information not just. quot;ng Justice Sotomayor's concurrence in Jones, Leon noted the breadth of information our cell phone records reveal, including "familial, political, professional, religious, and sexual associations.". And I might add, there is the very real prospect that the program will go on for as long as America is combating terrorism, which realistically could be forever!" He called the NSA program "effectively a joint intelligence-gathering operation between telecom companies and the Government.". Maryland controls the NSA case. Citizens telephone metadata in the single plot the government uses to justify the importance of the program that of Basaaly Moalin, a San Diego cabdriver who in 20 provided 8,500 to al-Shabaab, al-Qaedas affiliate in Somalia calls into question the necessity of the Section 215. Many other judges serving on the fisa court have subsequently renewed the program at roughly 90-day intervals.

differing interpretations of the 1979.S. An in-depth analysis of 225 individuals recruited by al-Qaeda or a like-minded group or inspired by al-Qaedas ideology, and charged in the United States with an act of terrorism since 9/11, demonstrates that traditional investigative methods, such as the use of informants, tips from local. In Smith, a robbery victim reported she had received threatening and obscene phone calls from someone who claimed to be the robber. Obamas support for legislation that would transform the program is in line with the.S.A. He explained that prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks, the NSA intercepted seven calls made by hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar to an al-Qaeda safe house in Yemen. Leon, of the.S.