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BASS2012 COPENHAGEN, 14th-19th August 2012, with its main base at Copenhagen OPERA HOUSE is the European Bass Convention, presenting the world's finest bass soloists and professors, the newest names and trends in bass playing and bass teaching as well as bass makers and accessories. The convention is a continuation of BASS2010 BERLIN and BASS2008 PARIS.


  • to strengthen and inspire to development of double bass playing and its network of amateurs, students, professors, performers, educational establishments, bass makers and manufacturers of accessories.
  • to propagate the knowledge of double bass music, its significance and many artistic expressions to a larger public.
  • to emphasize Denmark and Scandinavia on the musical map of the world and strengthen the Danish and Nordic music scene especially the Danish and Nordic bass playing.


The convention BASS2012 will include recitals/concerts, master classes, a music philosophical symposium, seminars, competitions, a children and youth program, a Nordic Day, exhibition, bass highlights and the establishment of a broad democratic embedding of BASSEUROPE (European Society of Bassists).

There will be focus on the following:

  • The convention will be opened for general public by the performances taking place at the convention's main venue as well as other venues, including non-traditional venues.
  • Equalizing the balance of the presentation of classical and rhythmic double bass playing.
  • Development of lectures and seminars with a more engaging pedagogy.
  • A music philosophical debate that adds depth to the cultural debate.
  • Increasing the contemporary musical expressions by ordering double bass works.

There will be held approx. 150 event, half of which will be for the main base, the Copenhagen OPERA HOUSE, while the other half will be presented to a wider audience in the city.
The European conventions have primarily focus on double bass players, who share their experiences and network. BASS2012 would like to do even more: Having so many double bass virtuosos at one place, which never before occurred in Denmark, we would like to take the chance to introduce the instrument and its many possibilities of musical expression to a broader public. We cooperate with concert venues and various orchestras to perform music with bass soloists.

In addition performances should be heard in unfamiliar surroundings. Among other activities, bassists will perform Bass Flashes throughout Copenhagen so to introduce the double bass as a solo instrument to a broader audience. Bassist will be accompanied by volunteers who distribute flyers describing the music and giving impact for further thoughts. These volunteers and roll-up banners will form the stage for the bassists, so the music will meet the audience under decent conditions.

Master classes

30+ master classes and seminars for students, amateurs and other interested alike will be held at the convention's main venue the Copenhagen OPERA HOUSE.


There will be held several seminars on bass-related topics. These seminars will have more than one teacher to emerge complementary or convergent views and experiences on the chosen topic. The dialogue on the pros and cons of a particular viewpoint will involve the audience, which mostly are professionals as well. In this way a learning environment will be created, which mediate perspectives on knowledge, and perhaps even create new knowledge. Students will be able to gain a good overview over the state of art, attitudes and trends, and will become more competent in their selection and rejection of methods and music education institutions.

Nordic Day

One of the convention days will focus on Nordic music. Recitals/concerts, seminars and master classes will be based on Nordic compositions, exclusively played by Nordic musicians. There will be particular focus on exchange of resources and mutual understanding of new trends in bass music and technique as well as the individual bass players increasing network in Scandinavia. The Nordic Day applies to professional and amateurs.

Music Philosophic Symposium

The Symposium angles bass playing and cultural life conditions in the post-modern society in a philosophical way. Approaches could be phenomenological-hermeneutic, aesthetic philosophy or systemic theory, inquiring art as social practice, especially in art organizations and art and leadership.


The competitions give young musicians the opportunity to get a judgement by leading specialists. By taking part in a competition, they become an active participants of the convention. Furthermore they get something to aim for in their practice. There will be a Solo Competition, an Audition Competition, a Jazz & Imro Competition and a Children and Youth Competition. Young jazz players have the opportunity to perform on an open stage and get an individual response from leading professionals.

Children and Youth program

In addition to the Children and Youth Competition and the opportunity to hear and meet the worlds leading bass players, bassists up to age 17 can enroll the Young Bassists Camp. Here they get individual lessons, ensemble rehearsals and they will play concerts at Tivoli Harmoni Pavilion. The aim of Young Bassists Camp is the same as for the convention: To meet, have fun and network with kindred spirits that share the passion for bass playing. The program is open for beginners and advanced bass players.


There will be room for approx. 30 exhibitors from around the world on the trade fair including bass makers, bow makers and various manufacturers of equipment / accessories, flight cases, amplifiers, strings, pick-ups, literature etc. Small products like bass sheet music and literature are being displayed together.

Fair participants will present and develop the bass craft in dialogue with the world's leading basses / artists. The fair is profitable and to attract sponsors.

  1. As part of the opening ceremony a parade of 100 double basses will walk a parade to “Plænen” at Tivoli. Here they will play a concert with an orchestra of 100 double basses integrating professionals and amateurs. This sound performers and audience can only be heard on a special occasion like this. Music will be arranged specifically for this purpose.
  2. Battle of Copenhagen: About 100 bass players from BASS2012 will take part in a live installation in Copenhagen's Harbour. An artistic interpretation of the British attack on Copenhagen in 1801.
  3. Two nights of Celebrating NHØP (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen) at the legendary Jazzhus Montmartre with great bass soloist from the convention.
  4. As a final the convention will culminate at the last concert with a selection of the week's greatest bass soloists and ensembles at Tivoli Concert Hall.
BASSEUROPE (European Society of Bassists)

On the 18th of August 2012 BASSEUROPE's first official General Assembly will be held. The aim is to establish a strong democratically led European bass society to ensure a solid platform for continuity in double bass convents in Europe as well as a collection of knowledge on European double bass work. Candidates and organizational matters will be discussed throughout the convention.

A future BASSEUROPE shall furthermore support a continuous development of bass culture in all European countries and a European and international coordination of bass events.

Thomastik bassico


Upton Bass String Instrument Corporation

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European Society of Bassists


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