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Copenhagen OPERA HOUSE

Ekvipagemestervej 10 • DK-1438 Copenhagen K


Name - Function - email

  Jimmi Roger Pedersen, president BASSEUROPE I contact Jimmi Roger Pedersen Artistic Director (jazz)
Jazz & Impro Competition
  Michal Stadnicki
The Royal Danish Academy of Music I contact
Michal Stadnicki

Artistic Director (classic)
Solo Competition

  Stephan Petzold, past president
Stephan Petzold

Audition Competition

  Lasse Lagercrantz
Sibelius-Academy I contact
Lasse Lagercrantz Children and Youth Competition
  Stefan Krattenmacher
Bass Maker I contact
Stefan Krattenmacher Bass Maker Competition
  Bo Stief
The Academy of Music I contact
Bo Stief Jazz & Impro Competition
  Karen Wetke
Copenhagen Music School I contact
Karen Wetke Young Bassists Camp
  Dan Styffe
The Norwegian Academy of Music I contact
Dan Styffe Nordic Day
  Andreas Bennetzen
Basforum I contact
Andreas Bennetzen Battle of Copenhagen

Thanks to the many artists/lecturers and supporters/sponsors among us for the great and helpful assistance!

BASS2012 is also developed and organised by the office staff who mainly work on a voluntary basis.

Additionally a number of bass enthusiasts helped make the convention possible:

Kristine Hanskov - bassist, student and chairman of Danish Bass Society

Kim Holst - pianist, sound engineer

Peter Kevin Kofod - bassist

Ture Damhus - bassist

Henning Bermer - bassist, pensionist

Anders Skovgård - bassist

Lars Thørholm - bassist

Thomastik bassico


Upton Bass String Instrument Corporation

Become a member of BASSEUROPE

European Society of Bassists


Next European bass convention


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