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Odd Attractions


1. Christiania

Ready for a different experience? Christiania is a Freetown that was founded in 1971 by a group of hippies. It is a society in the society, but you are welcome to visit, or attend the guided tours. But be aware that photographs are unwelcome - especially in and around Pusher Street!

The Jægersborg Deer Park
2. Jægersborg Dyrehaven (: The Jægersborg Deer Park)

This has been the private deer park of King Frederik III, in 1669. Nowadays, many Copenhageners go for a walk or take a horse-drawn carriage! During a sunny day, a walk in this special park with more than 2000 deer is a relaxing experience.

Flea markets
3. Loppemarked (: Flea markets)

There are several flea markets around Copenhagen – especially during the weekends. In these flea markets, various objects are sold – clothes, shoes, CDs, even furniture!

Nordisk Film
4. Nordisk Film

For those of you who are interested in film history, a guided tour at the Nordisk Film studios in Valby, could be a different experience. There you can see “Studio 2”, the oldest studio in the world, as well as modern studios, where films are made today.

Amager Beach Park
5. Amager Beach Park

The Copenhagen Riviera - As a result of the new artificial island that was added in 2005, the area is very busy during summer. At one end of the island, sandy beaches are located, whereas at the other end you can find a boat harbor, playing fields and picnic sites. It is the perfect place to spend a long – Danish summer evening.

6. Frilandsmuseet

Frilandsmuseet gives the visitor the opportunity to get in touch with the Danish culture. The scenery and the exhibitions present the traditional customs and day life to the visitors. It is a unique experience, as stuff can be seen in real and natural surroundings.

Huge Thermometer
7. Huge Thermometer

The building with the huge thermometer on the facade at the corner of H.C.Andersens Boulevard and Vesterbrogade was built in 1936. A female figure was placed on the roof and ever since, she appears with an umbrella when it rains and on a bicycle when it’s sunny!

Peace Watch
8. Fredsvagt – “Peace watch”

The “Peace watch” is located outside the Danish Parliament “Christiansborg” and is a symbolic movement of people who value peace. This movement began at the beginning of the second Iraq war (19 October 2001) and people are there every day, 7 days a week, from morning until evening! Take a look at their day-count – it’s impressive!

Kayak trips
9. Kayak trips

Explore the city from a kayak! Kayak trips along Christianshavn’s canals and Copenhagen Harbor gives you the opportunity to admire most of Copenhagen’s historical buildings and have fun at the same time.

Assistens Kirkegård
10. Assistens Kirkegård

Assistens Kirkegård (: cemetery) is located in Nørrebro. It is the largest cemetery in Copenhagen and many famous people are buried here. It is common for Danes to lie down and sunbathe or have a picnic between the graves, as nowadays it is mostly used as a park.

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